Louis Armstrong!

Yesterday was Louis Armstrong’s 108th birthday, and I forgot to mention it. To make up for that oversight, Rifftides brings you Armstrong in 1958. Pops’s singing and playing partner is his pal of 30 years, Jack Teagarden. Louis was 57 years old and playing beautifully on every level — range, tone and ideas. At 2:41, listen to him turn a little lip bobble into pure gold. The cornetist who kicks things off is Ruby Braff.

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  1. Sugar Candelaria says

    Thank you for remembering (and reminding!) about the wonderful Louis’s birthday. I think I listen to him more now than when he was still with us.

  2. Joel Elkins says

    Really put a smile on my face!
    He gets better as the years pass & I listen to him more than ever. Notice how he makes everyone performing with him smile so broadly!
    And a glimpse of Ruby Braff as a bonus.
    Joel Elkins