A “Rifftide” Or “Hackensack” Demo

To my knowledge, there is no video of Coleman Hawkins or Mary Lou Williams playing “Rifftide” or “Oh, Lady Be Good” and certainly not “Hackensack,” Thelonious Monk’s appropriation or adaptation of the line. So, we’ll have to settle for Stan Getz and John Coltrane accompanied by Oscar Peterson, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb. This was 1960 in Dusseldorf. There are several dubs of this clip floating around the internet. This one has the clearest picture and sound.

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  1. Denis Ouellet says

    This video is a treasure.
    Is it already two years since it surfaced on the internet ?
    I first heard it in September 2006. I just could not believe it.
    Stan Getz and John Coltrane. We did not have any recorded meetings of them both and suddenly we had this beautiful video.
    Shortly thereafter it was posted on YouTube. Just check the number of views
    and comments to see its popularity.
    Much more music from that same date can be heard.
    Noteworthy is a beautiful set with Stan Getz and his
    band which included Jan Johansson on piano, Ray Brown on bass and Ed Thigpen on drums.
    How many more jewels like this lie dormant in a recording vault ?
    Just waiting to be found.