The News From JazzTimes: It’s True

The following announcement is posted on the JazzTimes web site:

Important Message From JazzTimes Management
By JazzTimes

To our readers and members of the jazz community:

JazzTimes has temporarily suspended publication of the magazine and has furloughed the bulk of its staff while it finalizes a sale of its assets. The brand and operation will undergo reorganization and restructuring in order to remain competitive in the current media climate. Print publishing is expected to resume as soon as a sale is closed. New information and statements will be posted at as they become available.
Thank you for your patience during this challenging period.
JazzTimes Management

With the suspension last year of the Canadian magazine Coda, the absorption of Britain’s Jazz Review by Jazz Journal and the conversion of JazzIz to a quarterly, jazz listeners’ choices of major print information about the music are disappearing fast. The question, unanswerable at this point, is whether web sites and blogs can provide the same depth and width of coverage generations have received from jazz magazines. This is a small manifestation of the larger challenge facing free societies as newspapers shrink or disappear. A democracy can only suffer from diminution and fragmentation of the flow of information upon which we base our judgments.
Let us hope that JazzTimes survives its reorganization. More important, let us hope that we do not lose news organizations serving mass audiences. They help bind us together.

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  1. George Finch says

    I found this very interesting:
    You really should consider writing a book on these assumptions. It is right up your alley, with your long career in journalism and different media, starting as a youth when Gutenberg invented the printing press.
    But seriously sports fans, most of us do not have a clue as to what is really occurring and what it all means, other than that the Internet is becoming the main communications network.