Correspondence: The Be Bop Car

Concerning the “Driving Be Bop” item below, Ted O’Reilly writes from Toronto: 

Here’s a picture I took in St. Maarten in the Caribbean, in Oct. 2006. It’s the nameplate of a car — can’t remember which Asian vehicle it was, but one less-familiar to us in N. America — perhaps a Daihatsu? Anyway, must be a tenor fan who came up with

Getz Auto.jpg

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  1. says

    Okay, just one more, sorta related…
    Do you remember the sporty Ford Probe of a few years back? I’ll bet those seats were comfortable. I didn’t buy one, though. I opted for the Chevy Catheter. (RIMSHOT!)

  2. Gordon Sapsed says

    from Wilkepedia :
    The Honda Jazz nameplate has been used by Honda of Japan to denote several different motorized vehicles since 1982:
    A 50 cc motorcycle introduced in 1986. Such a scooter (CHF50) still exists, and is currently on sale in Canada. The two models bear no relations to each other.
    The Japanese-market name for the badge-engineered version of the Isuzu MU short wheelbase version, known elsewhere as the Opel Frontera, Holden Frontera, or Vauxhall Frontera.
    The European-market name for the Honda City Mk I from 1982 to 1986, as City was already trademarked by Opel.
    A five-door hatchback automobile introduced in June 2001. The vehicle is known as the Fit in Japan, China, as well as in both North and South America. It is called the Jazz in Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

  3. Kenny Harris says

    We have the Getz car in Bermuda, it’s made by Hyundai.
    My tenor playing friend, George Kezas, bought one mainly because it was called Getz.