Correspondence: The Be Bop Car

Concerning the "Driving Be Bop" item below, Ted O'Reilly writes from Toronto:  Here's a picture I took in St. Maarten in the Caribbean, in Oct. 2006. It's the nameplate of a car -- can't remember which Asian vehicle it was, but one less-familiar to us in N. America -- perhaps a Daihatsu? Anyway, must be a tenor fan who came up with it... … [Read more...]

Driving Be Bop

Over the years, Honda has called several vehicles, including a motorcycle, Jazz. Now Renault, the French auto maker, has unveiled a new model in its Kangoo line and named it the Be Bop. Could Renault's move kick-start a trend? How about: Mercedes Swing Hyundai Stride BMW Boogie-Woogie Chrysler Blues Mini Cooper Trad Chevrolet Cool GM Groove Porsche Scat Volvo Vouty For Shorty Rogers fans, the Infiniti Promenade The Renault web site indicates that the Be Bop is available in much of the world, … [Read more...]