Weekend Extra: Why Fight?

Thumbnail image for Why Fight The Feeling.jpgBy tradition and general agreement in the reviewing trade, it is considered unprofessional and tacky to write about a recording to which one has contributed liner notes. Therefore, I have not written about Rebecca Kilgore’s and Dave Frishberg’s Why Fight The Feeling?, a collection of songs by Frank Loesser. However, I have no qualms about alerting you to the welcome fact that Carol Sloane has switched on her blog after a month of reticence. She posts a number of items, in one of which she writes: 

Rebecca sings the songs to perfection. No fuss, no unnecessary embellishment, dead-on pitch. Hers is a cheery sounding voice and her diction is impeccable. My kind of singer. Dave’s jaunty piano style is the perfect compliment for her, and they include a great many verses sinfully ignored by many.

Amen. To find Sloane and read her recent post, click here.
Here is Ms. Kilgore enjoying herself and the company she’s in at a jazz festival in downtown Europe. The song is not by Loesser, but by Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh. Her co-conspirators are:

Michael Supnick (trombone), Evan Christopher (clarinet), Rossano Sportiello (piano), Lino Patruno (guitar), Guido Giacomini (bass), Giampaolo Biagi (drums). Ascona(Switzerland), July 5, 2001
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