Other Matters: Weather Report

Frozen Fog 1.jpgUp here in the interior of the US Pacific Northwest, the floods have receded following the sudden snowmelt of a week ago. In this valley, the snow is gone except for the big piles scooped into the corners of parking lots. We are spared the drastic sub-zero temperatures of the midwest and east. What we have is constant fog and air just enough below freezing to apply frosted decoration to nearly everything outside.

Frozen Fog 2.jpg
Frozen Fog 3.jpg
Have a good warm weekend.
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  1. Dick McGarvin says

    Thanks, I will. It’s been in the mid 80s all week. However, I can’t help thinking that today is the anniversary of the ’94 Northridge earthquake. If given a choice, I’d probably go for the frost-covered trees. Nice photos.
    Dick McGarvin
    Los Angeles
    (Our house was six blocks from the epicenter. Because of the peculiar vertical nature of that quake, the house went up, came down, then shook for thirty seconds that seemed like thirty minutes. To our amazement, the house had no structural damage, but almost everything inside hit the floor and much of it broke. The Northridge quake was not the reason we left L.A. in ’97, but we do not miss the periodic shaking. Thanks, Dick, for the anniversary reminder. I’ll uncork a bottle of Earthquake Zinfandel tonight. — DR)