There Will Be A Brief Pause

Posting will resume after I have spent a little time getting to know my new iMac. After beginning on a KayPro 2 and spending more than twenty years with PCs, I have switched to Macintosh. So far, it is exhilarating, but there is a lot to learn. I feel like the audience in the commercial that announced the advent of the Mac twenty-four years ago.


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  1. Gordon Sapsed says

    As someone who owned the very first IBM PC to ever cross the Atlantic – and who used one then for over 25 years – whilst working for IBM, I switched to Mac in retirement and have never regretted the switch. I hope your experience with Mac is as good as mine.

  2. says

    good luck with your new Mr. Mac. I got one too, and I love to work with it. There’s only one little problem: you will forget how to work with Windows after a while.