Weekend Extra: Two Violins With “Four Brothers”

All I can tell you about this is that the violinists are Katica Illenyi and Csaba Illenyi.The Hungarian Wikipedia entry did not help me learn more. I only wish that Jimmy Giuffre had heard this version of his best-known composition and arrangement. 


Thanks to Bobby Shew for calling this to our attention.
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  1. Chuck Israels says

    These two are as close as I have heard string players to getting the
    feeling in jazz phrasing and accent, but there’s something out of synch
    between them and the bass player (whose playing is further spoiled by
    amplification) that makes it hard to determine if the rhythmic
    discomfort is in the violin playing or in the rhythm section.
    New York studio violinist, Harry Lookofsky, was also very good at this
    kind of thing. Unfortunately, some high profile string ensembles
    (Turtle Island Quartet) are considerably further from jazz “truth” than
    these two.