Joe Sullivan

Sullivan.jpgThis is Joe Sullivan’s birthday. Although Rifftides posted an item about Sullivan and others only three months ago, it is never too soon to call him to the attention of listeners who may not have made the acquaintance of a man who inspired countless other pianists. Here is a Rifftides golden oldie.

It is not good enough simply to recycle an archive piece. As a double bonus, here are two versions of Sullivan’s most famous composition, “Little Rock Getaway.” The first is his 1933 Parlophone recording, the second the Decca recording from 1935, by which time he had shaped the famous melody line.

If Sullivan were alive, he would be 102 years old. He died on October 13, 1971.

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  1. says

    How in the world did I miss this guy? I’m a huge fan of Fats Waller and Keith Emerson, and yet I’d never heard of Joe Sullivan. Funny thing is I remember listening to “Little Rock Getaway” over and over and over on ELP’s “Welcome Back My Friends.” I always figured Little Rock referred to the style of music, not the city. Couldn’t possibly be if this was written in the 30s.
    Thanks for bringing Joe Sullivan to my attention, Doug. I’ll have to find one of his CDs.