CD: Javon Jackson

Javon Jackson.jpgJavon Jackson, Once Upon A Melody (Palmetto). Whether as the result of marketing gambits or of press stereotyping, Jackson’s name rarely appears without the word “funk” nearby. In truth, from the time of his early beginnings with Art Blakey, his tenor saxophone playing has had fuller stylistic and emotional range that of a funkmeister. This CD is satisfying evidence of Jackson’s breadth, from the sensitivity of his respectful treatment of the melody of “My One and Only Love” to the engaging energy and –all right– funk of his blues “Mr. Taylor.” It’s good to hear Jackson interpret pieces by two of his influences, Wayne Shorter’s “One By One” and Sonny Rollins’s “Paradox.” His thoughtful way with Matt Dennis’s “Will You Still Be Mine?” is another highlight.

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    A quick note that Javon Jackson is my guest on this week’s episode of The Jazz Session. Javon takes us on a track-by-track trip through the CD Doug mentions above.
    And another note to say Doug was mentioned there recently, too. Just scroll down a wee bit after Javon’s interview.