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In the course of writing about Gloria Cheng’s new CD (in the next exhibit), I mentioned Gary McFarland’s collaboration with Bill Evans, a basic repertoire item in every serious CD collection of twentieth century music. Bill Kirchner includes it in his survey of a dozen essential tracks from a variety of McFarland’s and others’ recordings. Kirchner’s preamble places in perspective this brilliant musician, called by Gene Lees an adult prodigy, who was taken from us in a senseless bar room prank. To see Bill’s list and comments, go to this page on Ted Gioa’s web site.



Desmond.jpgThe stock-in-trade of Steve Cerra’s new blog, Jazz Profiles, is cannily-selected pieces about musicians and others in jazz. His lead story at the moment is Scott Timberg’s 1999 article about William Claxton. If you recognize these photographs, you probably know about Bill Claxton. But you may not know as much as you’ll find if you go here.



I haven’t written as much here recently as I should have about an important Other Matter, journalism. To say that there is upheaval in the profession, craft, calling–whatever it is–doesn’t begin to cover the uncertainty of its transition to the next phase of the business. Ah, business; yes, that’s what it is. Wherever journalism is headed, an essential element is sure to be citizen journalism. What’s that? For a discussion that includes, appropriately, a video definition, see Jay Rosen’s Press Think. Be prepared to follow several important links. Then come back to Rifftides, please.

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