Hiatus…And A Taste Of Miguel Zenon

The Rifftides staff is going to take a couple of days off and trek across the mountains to watch the Mariners play the Tigers. The links are for the benefit of those in, say, Casablanca or Tarnow who may not be familiar with the quaint US sporting culture.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of Miguel Zenon and two of his homeboys at work in their native San Juan, Puerto Rico, last December. The bassist is Ricky Rodriguez, the drummer Henry Cole.


More on Zenon soon. Have a pleasant weekend 

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  1. says

    Ricky (or Ricardo, depending on formality) is playing with Joe Locke with Joe’s new organization – “Force of Four”.
    There will be a new recording out, by the same name, in September on Origin Records with this band. It includes a composition by Ricky called, believe it or nor, “Ricky’s Tune”.