Aid For Ernestine Anderson

It appears that Ernestine Anderson is going to be able to stay in her house–at least for now.
Ernestine 2.jpgNews of the seventy-nine-year-old singer’s impending eviction traveled quickly around the world last week, and people responded. Help came from fans, old friends–including Quincy Jones–and just plain folks who sympathized. Here are the most recent essential facts from The Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Folks over the weekend held benefits. And dozens upon dozens in the city, across the state and nationwide deposited help at Bank of America to help meet Anderson’s $45,000 payment deadline by Monday.

See Robert L. Jamieson, Jr.’s Post Intelligencer column for the whole rescue story and how officials are looking into whether Anderson’s dilemma ties into the predatory lending scandal mitigating the housing crisis. Her mortgage payments on a modest house are $4,422 a month. That special Bank of America account for Anderson will continue to accept funds

Among those who jumped in, Pat Strosahl, the major domo of The Seasons performance hall, offered Anderson a booking with a guaranteed fee and a promise to donate proceeds of the gate to help with her financial problem. Anderson is now scheduled for an October 15 appearance as part of The Seasons Fall Festival in Yakima, Washington, across the Cascade mountains from Seattle.

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