A Billy Strayhorn Show

Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington's creative alter-ego, continues to connect with old audiences and find new ones. His music is for everyone, but it is no surprise that Strayhorn's story and songs move the gay community, in which he has become a symbol and icon. The Gay Mens Chorus of Los Angeles paid tribute to Strayhorn last year near the fortieth anniversary of his death on May 31, 1967. Video of that ninety-minute production is now streaming in full on the internet. … [Read more...]

Compatible Quotes

Great artists pay homage to Billy Strayhorn's God-given ability and mastery of his craft. Because he had a rare sensitivity and applied himself to his gifts, he successfully married melody, words and harmony, equating the fitting with happiness. -- Duke Ellington  'A' Train was born without any effort - if was like writing a letter to a friend. -- Billy Strayhorn … [Read more...]