Weekend Extra: František Uhlíř

You may have heard but not seen František Uhlíř, the Czech bassist who works in the Emil Viklický Trio. The Rifftides staff is anticipating a copy of a new recording by Uhlíř’s own trio, a group he has been touring with for five years. In the meantime, video of the Uhlíř trio has shown up on YouTube. The band includes Jaromir Helesic on drums and Darko Jurkovic, one of the few guitarists who plays the instrument by tapping it with the fingers of both hands. The video was made in the historic Knoxoleum in Burghausen, Germany. This is an opportunity for those of us outside Europe to withess in action one of the world’s great bassists–and an intriguing guitarist whose easy execution belies the intensity of his music. Click here for their performance of “Maybe Later.”

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  1. Lorraine jones says

    Thank you so much for this one..this is what YouTube is all about, right? I’ve seen many european musicians that we never, never would have had the chance to see.