The Rifftides main computer crashed today. The ECTs (Emergency Computer Technicians) took it to the hospital for extensive tests. Results won’t be known for at least three days. It may need a heart transplant and has no health insurance, but suggestions of a benefit concert are premature.

This message is coming to you by means of a Big Chief tablet and a number 3 pencil. The Rifftides Staff hopes to be back in full operation no later than Monday. Please be patient. In the meantime, we refer you to the archive. Click on “Archive” in the center column. There are all kinds of blasts from the past there. For starters, here’s one of the earliest.

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  1. Gary Walters says

    Sorry to hear about the computer crash. But more importantly, where were you able to get Number 3 pencils?!!!!
    (Years ago, my wife gave me a large package of monagrammed No. 3’s. I think she was hoping I’d like them so much that I’d throw out the computer. The way things have gone the last few days, I’ve been giving that serious thought. Here’s a link to several sources for No. 3 Ticonderogas:
    http://office.pricegrabber.com/pencils/m/620403/ — DR)