The Bruno Letters, Part 1

A favorite story about Al Cohn: A friend who hadn't seen him for a long time ran into Cohn on the street in New York and said, "Hey, Al, where are you living these days?" "Oh," Al said, "I'm living in the past." I've been having a couple of Al Cohn days. As executor of the estate of Jack Brownlow, last week I was going through things in his house. I came across two thick three-ring binders labeled "Letters" and was surprised to discover that Bruno had saved every letter I wrote him over several … [Read more...]

More About Oscar Peterson

More than a month following his death, tributes to Oscar Peterson continue to materialize. The writer Rick Seifert, who blogs from Portland, Oregon, adds to them with his memories of Peterson. This one is from Seifert's youth in the midwest. I'd venture into Chicago on nasty winter nights to listen to "The Trio," as it was aptly called. No other jazz trio rivaled it. The Windy City venue was the up-scale London House along Michigan Avenue. As the snow gusted and swirled off the lake, pianist … [Read more...]