Twenty-nine years ago this weekend, Paul Desmond bid his girl friend goodbye as she set off for London, urging her to have a good holiday. That was on Friday. He would be fine, he told her; he had friends coming the next day. But his only companion was the lung cancer that had ravaged him during the past year. His housekeeper found him dead on Monday, Memorial Day. Marian McPartland said, “It’s just like Paul to slip quietly away when everyone’s out of town, not to bother anybody.” Details of … [Read more...]

Compatible Quotes

Like, dig! I'm in step. When it was hip to be hep, I was hep. I don't blow but I'm a fan. Look at me swing. Ring a ding ding. I even call my girlfriend "man," 'cuz I'm hip… —Dave Frishberg, “I’m Hip,”1965 It has been well said that ‘the arch-flatterer with whom all the petty flatterers have intelligence is a man’s self.’ —Francis Bacon, “Of Love,” 1605 … [Read more...]