The Threat To Jazz Radio, Midwest Branch

The distinguished audio expert Jim Brown saw the Rifftides piece on the possible demise of the last jazz radio station in Los Angeles and sent this reminder that the music is threatened at stations across the nation. Although I've just completed a move to Santa Cruz, I did learn during a recent visit to Chicago that WBEZ, the NPR station there, has announced discontinuance of all music programs in favor of the magazine format that has dominated an increasing portion of their airtime over the … [Read more...]

Hawkins Revisited

A Rifftides reader writes I just came across Rifftides, as I was searching for Coleman Hawkins' Centennial CD/DVD package. I was at a loss in identifying some of the players on the DVD, and your post from 2005 helped a great deal. Especially in introducing me to Harry Sheppard and Dickie Thompson, neither of whom I'd known previously. I'm still wondering who the piano, bass and second tenor players are, however. Any help there? Anything would be appreciated. The pianist is Willie “The Lion” … [Read more...]