Brookmeyer And The Times

Bob Brookmeyer is as forthright, and often unorthodox, in his conversation as he is in his music. Here's some of what Brookmeyer told The New York Times's Ben Ratliff about how jazz soloists often relate to the music he writes: If you give a soloist an open solo for 30 seconds, he plays like he's coming from the piece that you wrote. Then he says, 'What the hell was that piece that I was playing from?' And the next 30 seconds is, 'Oh, I guess I'll play what I learned last night.' And bang! … [Read more...]

Comment: NIck Brignola

Love your blog... Got it from Kenny Harris* here in Bermuda. I am a tenor and soprano sax player living in Bermuda as Kenny is. Trying to keep flame alive. Damn, there are so many steel pan players here, but I guess that's what the tourists want. The real reason I emailed you is response to the baritone sax players. ~~~ great. Just a plug for my old friend, Nick Brignola. Never seemed to get his due, but could also play great tenor and soprano. May he RIP. Keep up the good work. George … [Read more...]