Fred’s Still Ahead, Part Two

Cal Tjader, Schreiber’s boss, was a major fan of his bass playing and of his word play. The drummer and radio host Dick McGarvin sent this recollection.

One of the people fond of quoting Freddie Schreiber’s classic lines was Cal himself. And it was from him that I first heard them. I met Cal in 1965 when I was working at KVI in Seattle and he would appear at The Penthouse. He’d come off the stand, sit down at my table and say, “So, what did you think of my angular probing lines? How about my relentless, throbbing beat?” Cal had a great sense of humor and thought the lines were hilarious. He continued the practice after I’d moved to San Francisco and would see him at El Matador.

McGarvin is now in Los Angeles. Why won’t these broadcast people stay put?

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