Oops, Part 3

Yesterday, I renamed Arnold Schoenberg, called him Aaron. I must have confused him with a character in one of his stage pieces. It’s fixed now. An attentive reader, Chris Schneider, caught the mistake and sent this charming reprimand.

Geez, and I thought his name was *Moses* Schoenberg …
Anyone who makes a mistake like that deserves to be subjected to the Schoenberg joke in my additional lyrics for “The Wonder of You” (that’s the Ellington/George song of that title, *not* the Elvis one).
I’ve whistled ‘Pierrot Lunaire,”
I’ve jockeyed in the June air;
I’ve moped about in moon air, all blue.
The worlds may fall asunder,
But nothing’s like The Wonder of You.
(©2002 Chris Schneider)
– – – – – –
Having made more than my own share of misnaming typos, I’m full of sympathy.

Thanks. I feel so much better

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