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Coming Soon: Ask A Curator Day

I’m not sure how I missed Ask A Curator Day in years past; I think it’s a splendid idea. Maybe because it seems to be publicized most ardently on Twitter, and I do not have a Twitter account.

In any case, I read about this year’s, which takes place on Wednesday, Sept. 13, on Facebook. Specifically, I read what the Getty will do, namely:

Tune in to #GettyTV LIVE this Wednesday, September 13th here on our Facebook page for #AskACurator Day starting at 8AM.

Fifteen curators and conservators from the Getty Museum, Getty Villa, and the Getty Research Institute are excited to share their passion for art, art history, and collections — and join their colleagues at nearly 1,000 institutions in 50 countries around the globe — for the eighth annual #AskACurator Day.

What do curators do all day? What are the most unusual or storied artworks in the collections? How do you become a curator? How are exhibitions plans and created? We’d love to hear your burning questions during any one of our eight live broadcasts on the hour starting at 8:00 a.m. 

Then the post refers people to this blog post on the Getty Iris. And then to this one, which says that 1,489 museums in 58 countries are taking part.

This is exciting. Museums everywhere are struggling to attract young people and if this works (it’s the 8th Ask A Curator day, so it have have achieved something!), wonderful. Aside from informing potential visitors, Ask A Curator Day is a good opportunity to reach people who may have inclinations to study art, but don’t know exactly what being a curator is (you’d be surprised how many adults I know don’t).

If you work in a museum that has not yet signed up, I believe there’s still time. Go here for a dated, but still accurate description of what signing up entails.

I’d love to hear later this week from curators, anywhere, who took part.


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