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“Anonymous” Awards To Women Artists

Once again, the Anonymous Was A Woman Foundation has chosen ten women artists for “no strings” grants of $25,000 each. Since I long ago began covering this–when the awards were first unveiled 20 years ago–I thought I might as well post this year’s winners:

Donna Dennis

Wendy Ewald

Simone Forti

Rachel Harrison

Pam Lins

Jennifer Montgomery

Dona Nelson

Lisa Sanditz

Lisa Sigal

Julianne Swartz


Truth be told, I don’t know any of them, but there you are. Here’s a better description of the artists and their work.

According to the press release, some 200 women have received the award, for a total of $5 million.


  1. Suzanne Hall says

    I know Wendy Ewald. Working with curator Ashley Kistler, she created powerful photo mural banners of children in a less advantaged Richmond, Virginia neighborhood, chronicled with their lifetime dreams. These hung on prominent buildings throughout the neighborhood. She is an amazing artist, and created a powerful installation that we have never forgotten.

  2. tim rodgers says

    Congratulations Julianne! A remarkable artist with whom I had the privilege of working when I was the director at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Her art involves “sound” and is amazingly generous, unexpected, and beautiful. A well deserved recognition.

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