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Flash: Christie’s Sells “Isabella” for Delaware

l_isabella-and-the-potFor half the low estimate.

Today’s sale in London must be shaking trustees of the Delaware Art Museum. Isabella and the Pot of Basil just sold for £2.5 million, hammer price. That’s $4.24 million. 

The presale estimate was £5 million to £8 million.  It was hard to tell from the Internet view, but it looked like there was just one bidder. 

So, I guess trustees should forget any thoughts they may have had of selling just three works of art to make their $30 million goal.


  1. Jim VanKirk says:

    What a boneheaded move. Whomever purchased it should call Ron Lauder and flip it right away my guess is 12 to 15 M Absolutely tremendous painting. Fire the director and the trustees immediately and sue for the return of the painting it will become even more famous than Klimpt.

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