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Museum Behavior…We Don’t Have It So Bad

Sometimes we think we have problems in art museums: too many people snapping pictures, looking at their cell phones instead of the art, etc. They pale in comparison with a notice I just saw Ukraine. I was both surprised and amused to see this sign posted at the entrance to the Mystetskyi Arsenal. The Arsenal is, according to its website:

…one of Ukraine’s most promising projects in the field of culture and has a fair chance of becoming one of the world’s largest museums.

The mission of Mystetskyi Arsenal is to combine many Ukrainian cultural achievements and initiatives into one conceptual national project thus presenting the Ukrainian historical and artistic heritage as part of world cultural heritage.

Tall order, especially if they have to contend with behavioral problems, as this sign suggests (sorry about the fuzziness in some parts).


Museums in Ukraine have a long way to go. I visited two in L’viv and three in Kiev, and hope to post a bit more in the coming days.



  1. Raymond Sokolov says:

    Reminds of a sign I saw at the Kingston, Jamaica, zoo many years ago: PLEASE DO NOT STONE THE ANIMALS

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