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What Happened At Google’s Art Hangout?

Well, I didn’t see it myself, yet, but the commenters on the Google + site for its new Art Talks series, which I wrote about here, seemed mostly satisfied.

One man, from Italy wrote: “…this is a very interesting project. We would like to air the next episodes of the Google Art Project live on national TV in Italy, especially the Art Talk with the London National Gallery with Caroline Campbell, Curator of Italian Paintings before 1500. Do you think this could be possible? If so, can I ask you to help me get the proper authorization?”

That’s in line with Italy’s usual interest in visual arts TV, though I don’t think that’s what Google had in mind.

There was apparently some confusion about getting onto the right site, and whether Google provided enough capacity — which is strange because the Google hangouts I’ve seen seem to have endless capacity.

For what it’s worth, the YouTube stream is here: and the recorded #ArtTalk is available on the Art Project and MoMA YouTube channels.


  1. Jim VanKirk says:

    I’m sorry it was nothing but internet SPAM to benefit MOMA Education Online. A 56 year old painter with only 3 years experience? What could he possibly represent except for the status quo?

  2. Jim VanKirk says:

    It seems that the “Curatorial” interview model was designed by Google but this particular content was designed by MOMA. My comment on the site was something on the order of “The next time you feel ill speak to your funeral director.” Well OK it wasn’t quite that nice


  3. Jim VanKirk says:

    and I only watched for about 25 minutes…

  4. Boring talking heads. Didn’t last more than a few minutes myself, left when I realized I was unlikely to hear an original thought.

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