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Shakeup At Crystal Bridges

Having spent the entire morning on the phone with Apple support, related to iPhone and iCloud problems (do not download the later), I don’t have time to parse this announcement from Crystal Bridges, but here it is:

BigelowExecutive Director Don Bacigalupi has been “promoted” to the newly created position of president and appointed to the museum’s Board of Directors. Deputy Director for Operations and Administration Rod Bigelow (at right) has been promoted to executive director. “Both promotions are immediately effective,” says the press release.

This is a surprise, and probably not a good thing. Two people can’t both be boss — it doesn’t work. Witness the problem at the Getty all these years. One has to suspect that there is more to it.

That’s it for now.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Crystal Bridges


  1. Thanks for posting Judith. Here at Crystal Bridges, there’s much excitement for building on the momentum of our highly successful first year and pursuing innovative ways to foster art engagement. We’ve recently undergone an institution-wide strategic planning process, involving all staff members, and resulting in a 5-year plan. Don and Rod’s promotions correspond with the best institutional structure to allow us to realize the goals established through the planning process.

    Having worked together as a management team at both the Toledo Museum of Art and now at Crystal Bridges, Don and Rod have developed a well-honed management style and complement each other’s strengths. These promotions signify Crystal Bridges board of directors’ respect for a job well-done, and aligning expertise to best move forward with initiatives ahead.

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