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Someone’s Reading, and Listening…

They didn’t give me credit, of course, but I was amused today when, after a few days absence, I turned on WNYC to listen to today’s episode of the BBC’s “A History of the World in 100 Objects.” When I touted the series here, on Jan. 17, I suggested that ” the Museum of the City of New York’s collection [be used] to tell the history of New York in 10 objects.”

Instead, the Leonard Lopate show itself it doing it. Without so much as mentioning my post — which, I suppose is retribution, as I mentioned only WNYC, not the LL show itself in my post.

In a post dated Jan. 25, the show invites New Yorkers “to tell A Story of New York in 10 Objects! Tell us which objects you think tell the story of New York—from the iconic to the everyday. All objects must be able to fit inside a museum, and can be things like an elevator from the Empire State Building, a bagel, or a subway token. Include a brief description of why you think the object helps define New York City…” Boldface theirs. 

Now, of course, the idea is not so rarified that producers couldn’t have thought if it themselves. But I do know, from sources there, that WNYC includes several readers of Real Clear Arts. So I wouldn’t be surprised…


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