What’s going on here

This is a blog mostly about composed music of the last few decades, with a focus on that coming from the “Downtown,” minimalist, and post-Cage directions. The opinions expressed here, and the readers sought, admittedly lie far outside the mainstream conventional wisdom of “20th-century music.” If you are the kind of musician who thinks that new music should have a modicum of pitch complexity, if you use “not really serious” as a pejorative, if you look down your nose at music that “panders” to the audience, please go elsewhere. For instance, if it will offend you that we may exalt Erik Satie as a composer above Elliott Carter, please repair to some other web site and regard us no further. This is a place to gather for people who think that brand-new music can sometimes be joyous, clear, seductive, ingratiating, and/or simple, and still well-worth listening to and exploring.