Shucks, It Weren’t Nothin’

bard-collegeAmazing to say, Bard College has been ranked number one school in the country by the Princeton Review on the criterion of student satisfaction with classroom experiences, and as this reflects directly on me and my 200-and-something colleagues, I thought I’d trumpet it. We also ranked high on “Most Liberal Students” and “Most Accessible Professors,” and it’s true. I’m really, really accessible. The students sometimes wish we’d go away and quit hovering over them. The photo provided is across campus from me on “Stone Row.” They teach biology, or anthropology or something over there, god knows what they’re doing.

Syracuse University came in for top party school. Good thing, it sure snows a lot up there.



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    So, now, the only thing missing is your trumpet piece in celebration of this. I’ll look forward to that! But kidding aside, it has to be apparent to anyone who spends time with Bard students that their profs are “in their corner.” I remember Max McKee’s senior recital on Mother’s Day, as one example, and George T. driving back from Queens after visiting his own Mom to be there (not without a wry comment, I might add). We ALL benefit from what you do, so thank you!