I Mingle with Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian (Whoever They Are)

Star-BalladsWell, I don’t know how he did it or who got paid what, but David First somehow got me mentioned in People magazine. It’s in connection with his Star Ballads band that my son Bernard plays in, and someone thought People readers would gain some kind of helpful context from knowing that Bernard is the son of a theory professor. That does it. Now I’m going to get David’s name in The Journal of Music Theory.



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    Just want you to know that in the second B part where I slide a high chord shape up and down the neck, if you listen closely, my Fender Telecaster is tuned to a just major triad. People neglected to mention that…

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    Saw George Mattingly’s post on this. Just priceless. PS: you never know where Kyle Gann might turn up. In Tallinn, Estonia, last month, I met a young pianist, Nicolas Horvath, who is passionate about current music. So of course I looked up his website and found out he’d performed a piece of yours (in splendid company, including Eve Beglarian, Terry Riley, and LaMonte Young). He appears to have also played Dennis Johnson’s November.