When Good Things Happen…


…to curmudgeonly people: I am not very sanguine about the advantages of the composing life these days, but let it be noted that one can be sitting on one’s screened-in porch savoring a Romeo y Julieta [that’s a cigar, kids] while talented young people are giving one of your works a gratifying world premiere on the opposite side of the planet. The Australian National University New Music Group, with soprano Jelena Mamic, did a lovely job on my The Stream (Admonitions), as you can hear in the linked video. And since I had forgotten writing it, it’s like I expended no effort at all, but get to enjoy the music and take the credit anyway. There must be an apropos Thoreau quotation, something about the flowers blooming without one having to harangue them….



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    “We’ll build our house and chop our wood
    And make our garden grow…”
    You did that, so now you get to enjoy it. It don’t get no better in this best of all possible worlds than that.

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    Congratulations, voice and percussion ensemble is a wonderful ensemble. It must have been good to hear the work afresh, without having spent weeks revising and checking the score and parts.

    Regarding Thoreau, how about:

    There is one field beside this stream,
    Wherein no foot does fall,
    But yet it beareth in my dream
    A richer crop than all.

    KG replies: Knew there’d be something, thanks.

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    Really nice to see your music traveling across the globe like this. You know, I was thinking (again) the other day that the NYC classical “establishment” still looks too much to Europe, in contrast to the “left coast” and Pacific Rim, which seem to me to have a much broader understanding of where fine music can be found. Perhaps I’m off base here (it wouldn’t be the first time), but somehow it doesn’t surprise me that Canberra “got” it and offered the world premiere of this work. Congrats!

    KG replies: That’s traditionally been true, Susan. And it goes in waves. The younger generation of composers is once again in thrall to the European mystique, which my generation had been relieved to escape from.

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    Very glad to perform such a cool music with a meaningful text! Regards to maestro Gann.

    KG replies: Thanks very much for the lovely performance.

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    What a charming piece! Congratulations!

    KG replies: This *would* be up your alley, wouldn’t it? The piece of mine most like the Cage Experiences 1 you and I played at Oberlin.

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      Hey, I like your other pieces too. Meanwhile, check behind the furniture for more lost gems.

      KG replies: Ya know, I feel like every piece I write has one or two people who like it. But thanks.