Friends of Bob

After Bob Ashley’s death, Ed McKeon put together a group of video tributes to him by his friends, and he’s now put them up on the web. This first video has personal statements from Pauline Oliveros, “Blue” Gene Tyranny, Roscoe Mitchell, Alvin Lucier, David Behrman, and Peter Gordon. The second one features Fast Forward, me, Jacqueline Humbert, Tom Buckner, Joan LaBarbara, Chris Mann, Alex Waterman, Sam Ashley.

Just in case you’re only interested in me (Mom), my part begins at 3:28 in the second video, and you can see what my living room looks like. But they’re all quite moving.


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    Very touching indeed. Thanks for posting this. It is amazing how many lives Ashley touched with his presence, his teaching, his friendship and, of course, his music. His work has left an indelible mark on the way I hear and the way I think about music. His album ‘Perfect Lives: The Record’ holds a deeply personal place in my life having shared it with a few very special friends who came to appreciate it as well and let it inform their lives.
    I imagine one could make thousands of videos from the people who have their individual stories. He left quite a legacy and these tributes from some of the people with whom he worked most closely is a good start. Who knows? Maybe there is an Ashley-esque opera in those tributes. His art lives on.

    KG replies: And happy birthday, Allan!

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    This is a gold mine of reminiscences and observations. Alvin Lucier’s comment, “There was something about being in the presence of Bob Ashley that made one feel creative” is such a treasurable thing to say, and tells even those of us who are new to Ashley so much about the kind of man he was.

    KG replies: It’s true, too.