A Smidgen of Feldman, a Dash of Milhaud

New recording, from the other night, of Sang Plato’s Ghost, played by the Ghost Ensemble under the baton of David Bloom. Expert young musicians, they did a fine job. The drums are a little too evident on the recording, imagine them softer. On June 7 I have a performance of The Stream (Admonitions) by the New Music Ensemble of the Australian National University in Canberra. It’s the first time, to my knowledge, that anyone has simply plucked a score off my web site and decided to play it – after seventeen years of posting PDF scores then.

I’ve been engulfed in graduating-senior crises, and my last responsibility as arts division chair is to oversee the division end-of-year party tonight. Tomorrow morning my life will be my own again.


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    So happy to have a chance to hear this so soon. I’ve listened through a couple times already and am really enjoying the piece. That off-kilter pulse, the delicate colorings, all pure delight. Yes, you had great advocates for the piece, too. Must have been wonderful live. Good luck tonight, and enjoy your well-earned freedom.

    KG replies: Thanks, Susan. There’s no one whose appreciation I’d rather have than yours.