Tribute to an Elegant Postminimalist

Duckworth-sketchI figure everyone who’s interested and lives within driving distance of Lewisburg, PA, already knows about this, but Monday evening at 7 I’ll be giving the opening talk at a tribute to the late William Duckworth in the Weis Music Building at Bucknell University, where I taught for a few years in the 1990s. (The linked press release, unless they fix it, misstates my tenure at Bard College: I’ve taught here since 1997, not 2007.) The event is part of the Gallery Series, a series of new-music concerts that Bill founded many, many years ago. He taught at Bucknell from 1973 until the onset of his cancer in 2011. I’ll be playing some excerpts from interviews I did with him soon after he received his diagnosis; I was afraid listening to them so soon would be difficult, but his enthusiasm was contagious and his life history fascinating. In addition to honoring one of the late 20th century’s most elegant composers (in a music building that wasn’t yet built when I taught there), I’ll be seeing a lot of old friends.



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    ‘Time Curve Preludes’ was performed in Disney Hall last Tuesday as the first piece in a 4 hour concert of minimalist music. Richard Valitutto did a fine job on the piano. Great way to start the evening.