Neither Gone Nor Totally Forgotten

Tomorrow afternoon Bard’s student percussion group, coached by the Sō Percussion quartet (UPDATE: thanks to Paul Epstein for the diacritical marking), is performing my Snake Dance No. 2, along with works by Daniel Bjarnason, Martin Bresnick, Steve Reich, and John Cage. It’s in Sosnoff Theater at the Fisher Center at 3. I wanted to post more in advance, but Arts Journal seems to have had a new bot attack the last few days.

On April 11, I think, pianist Nicolas Horvath is presenting one of his Glassworlds marathons at the Palais de Tokyo Museum in Paris: many hours of piano music by Glass and inspired by Glass, my Going to Bed included. He’s got more of these scheduled than I’m able to decently keep track of.



  1. says

    The diacritical is called a macron. On the US Extended keyboard you get it by typing Option-A, then the letter. In case you need them, here are the instructions for accessing the US Extended keyboard: Gōōd luck.

    By the way, quite a remarkable bit of serendipity that Going to Bed ended up being the last piece on Nicolas’s program.

    KG replies: Wow, that looks more complicated than I can handle after the hours I spent with tech support last night, but I’ll try it sometime. Everyone’s probably going to bed by the time my piece comes on.

  2. says

    Try copying and pasting this: Ō or ō.

    My piece isn’t too much earlier than yours. At least we’ll know who our real fans are.

    KG replies: Thanks, much easier.

  3. Joseph says

    “His writings include more than 2500 articles…”

    2500! That can’t be right.

    KG replies: Whose, mine? Hell, it’s way over 3000 by this point. 25 years as a music critic, and many years in a row I published over 100 articles a year, and that doesn’t count the 600 or so reviews I wrote for Fanfare 1985-1992. A lot of them were short, and many of them not worth reading again. For an active music critic it’s not so surprising.