Nancarrow Study RR

A keynote address I delivered in 2012 for the Nancarrow festival in London is going into Music Theory Online, the web journal of the Society for Music Theory. The above link [updated 3.25.14] was put up for my proof-reading convenience, and I don’t know how long it will remain before being whisked behind some paywall or something [it won’t be]. But it explicitly states that I own the copyright, so for now knock yourselves out. Readers of my Nancarrow book will not find anything particularly new here, though I do talk more, I think, about Nancarrow’s place in American music in general than I have elsewhere. But the prize is at the end: an mp3 of Nancarrow’s piano roll RR, one of his most elaborate finished works that isn’t one of the canonical (and I don’t mean canonic, I wish my students could grasp the difference) player piano studies.


  1. says

    Thanks so much for posting this, Kyle! With Bob Ashley much on my mind these days, I can’t help but think of the parallels between Nancarrow and Ashley – certainly the new musical possibilities they both laid out that you mention in your Keynote, but also parallels in terms of each being so totally comfortable in his own skin, so much a lover of life, and ultimately, each caring so little about the judgment of any arbitrary public. (And the mp3 is marvelous!)

  2. A. Miller says

    For what it’s worth, Music Theory Online is completely open access. Your keynote won’t disappear behind a paywall, and even the URL that you’ve given should stay the same when it goes public. Thanks for sharing!