Unidentified Foreign Contacts

In addition to Emanuele Arciuli playing my Earth-Preserving Chant tomorrow evening in New York City, and my recent Helsinki premiere, this Saturday Nicolas Horvath is playing my piano piece Going to Bed: Homage to Philip Glass in Kiev, at the Night of Minimal Piano #2. I’ve been noticing for awhile, from my Hostmonster statistics, that the Ukraine is regularly in the top rankings of countries from which my web site gets hits; this week it’s fourth, behind the U.S., Lithuania, and the U.K., in that order. For a long time Romania was near the top, but it’s lately slipped down to 13th, right after China, Australia, and Turkey. Why are the Ukrainians and Lithuanians paying so much more attention to me than, say, people in countries I’ve visited, like Holland, Poland, and Serbia? I can’t imagine. I never hear from any of these people. And while my microtonality pages tend to be visited more than the rest of my web site, and “Venus” from The Planets is generally the top download, the rest of the mp3s and pages vary widely from week to week in popularity. Aside from the twenty or so people who comment on this blog, I feel rather ignored, but in odd places around the globe people are silently checking me out. Crazy.


  1. says

    “Silently” is the key word. In my short life as a blogger, I’ve discovered that lack of replies doesn’t necessarily equate with lack of interest. Cheers!

    KG replies: Finally! A Swede!

  2. Joseph M. Colombo says

    “I feel rather ignored… …people are silently checking me out.”

    This feels rather facebook-y. Maybe you just need a “like” button.

    KG replies: Well, I have never in my adult life had so little on my calendar – just the Kiev performance (which I won’t attend) and a May 17 premiere in Queens. It feels like people are forgetting to tell me where I’m supposed to go next.