Time-Keeper and Track-Skipper

What an unexpected pleasure to see New Music Box absolutely dominated this weekend by my long-time comrade-in-arms Robert Carl – unexpected because, though we’ve been trading e-mails lately, he never mentioned it was coming up. Two Chicago grad students who managed to get East Coast teaching jobs within a couple of hours of each other, Robert and I have been talking regularly for more than thirty years. I used to think we were from different sides of the tracks, but actually Robert skips all over the tracks. I believe I once described him as half Uptown and half Downtown with no touch of Midtown. His rock-solid sense of composer priorities and politics has always served as a reality check for me, so if you think I’m off-the-wall, you can thank Robert that I’m not even more completely unhinged. He’s been a moderating influence, and an inspiration.


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    Amen to that, Kyle! I miss the collective insights and intelligence of both of you terribly!

    Nora Farrell is here with me in Noosa (beach resort north of Brisbane, where it has been pouring for days – I think you came on the post-MiniMax expedition here in 2002), ironing her clothes for the 3rd day of an eco-arts conference. We have brought Don Gillespie and his wife Sabine Feisst up here, Sabine gave a paper on Laurie Spiegel (probably the first time many of us have encountered Laurie’s pigeons, rodents and assorted critters) and Don is girding his loins for a week’s visit to Melbourne and special access to the collections of the Grainger Museum. For myself, I am off in week for a 53-day trip around Asia, prospecting another festival here in May 2015, ENCOUNTERS: JAPAN. We love reading your blogs, Kyle, keep them up, please!