A Rite of Passage


I noticed about a year ago that the centennial of Le Sacre du Printemps was coming up fast, and I wondered if a big deal would be made about it – of course, the interest has been immense. Amazing to think that a piece that still sounded so revolutionary when I was a kid is now passing into the category of history-more-than-a-century-old. I don’t know of a better convenient way to celebrate the anniversary tomorrow than by watching Stephen Malinowski’s elegant videos of the entire MIDI information here: Part I and Part II.


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    I really enjoyed Malinowski’s work. Le Sacre has evolved to become a watershed moment. It is certainly an important piece of music and has become the representative piece for the beginning of post-Wagnerian modernist trends. Let’s celebrate the mythic anniversary and wonder what will be the next such watershed. ‘In C’, ‘4’33″‘, ‘Gruppen’, Le Marteau Sans Maitre’ are some possibilities.

    KG replies: Well, Allan, I don’t quite expect to live long enough to celebrate any of those centennials. I may have to settle for Rhapsody in Blue and La Creation du Monde.