When Keys Collide


I'm rather obsessed with bitonality at the moment, and the three composers who are much on my mind and stereo lately - Charles Ives, Kaikhosru Sorabji, and Darius Milhaud - all have a strong bitonal streak in their music, though that's not as well known about the first two as it is about Milhaud, who wrote a book on bitonality. My wife Nancy gave me a three-octave toy piano for my recent birthday, and as a kind of sketchbook I wrote a suite for it called Surrealities; of the seven movements, two are atonal, one tonal, three bitonal, and one … [Read more...]

Unanticipated Perks of Scholarship


This Thursday I will escape this long frigid spell we've been having in the northeast - to go to Miami! Where I will give a talk on John Cage's 4'33", at 6:30 Thursday evening, to open the New World Symphony's John Cage festival, which lasts through the 10th. And I'm staying down there for it. Beachfront hotel, smoke a few cigars with my friend Mikel Rouse who's down there doing an installation, sit on the beach, high near 80 degrees every day. If this is what musicology can get me in my old age, I'll take it. I've been thinking lately, these … [Read more...]