A Video of Nothing

Microtonal pianist Aron Kallay alerts me to a YouTube video of him playing part of the “Nothing” movement from my Echoes of Nothing. The full movement is a few minutes longer (and, there’s kind of a superfluous one-minute intro to this five-minute video).



  1. says

    Between seeing physical gestures performing the music and the timbre of that instrument I got deeper into what you’re doing with microtonality than ever before. What a beautiful piece of music – thanks very much for posting.

    Maybe because your helpful suggestions on Erik Satie a while back led to my working up some pieces of his and having that music in my head, the mood evoked seems very similar to some of his pieces, with those microtonal harmonies elaborating it in a prismatic way.

    KG replies: Thanks Lyle. Couldn’t get a better compliment than “the microtonal Erik Satie.”

  2. Bob Gilmore says

    Some beautiful harmonic movement. Do you know if Aron uses Kontakt for the piece? Or what?

    KG replies: Thanks. Pianoteq.