It’s a Niche

For reasons not yet clear to me, the Oxford University Press blog has been doing a series of articles about Mars, and they asked me to write an entry on Mars and music, from an astrological point of view, which is now up. They are plotting some major announcement about Mars, and apparently I am one of the few musicologist-composer-writer-astrologers around since the death of Dane Rudhyar. I almost declined, but then reflected that Uranus is trining my ascendent, which suggests that benefits may come my way from totally out-of-left-field sources, so thought I’d better grasp the opportunity. Who knew that the Grove Dictionary of Music people needed a staff astrologer?


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    Ah, that’s a charming piece. You’ll be glad to know that surgery has indeed been depicted in music: Marin Marais wrote a piece for viola da gamba and harpsichord, describing a bladder-stone operation. It’s harrowing.

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    That’s a terrific article, thanks for posting the link. Years ago had my horoscope done and then read some book that was out – said that if you have Mars in the second house (?) you’re likely to have a scar on your forehead – and I do!

    Also – really been enjoying Serenity Meditation, even though I have no clue to the allusions. Every time I listen to it I think of your saying years ago that you have a “glacial attention span”. Somehow I think I can hear that in the piece.