Of the Making of Books There Is No End

A single copy of my new book Robert Ashley has just arrived in the mail, inexplicably delayed these last few weeks but just as welcome now. Amazon is still giving the official release date as Dec. 16 10, so perhaps there’s time to get it for Christmas. A few weeks ago I put what are, for now, the finishing touches on my Robert Ashley web site of musical examples, with charts and transcriptions from six of the operas, the piano sonata, and Outcome Inevitable. While musical examples in the book would have been nice, these have the advantage that after looking at them, you can in some cases listen to the passages described. Meanwhile, Yale University Press has accepted my next book Essays After a Sonata: Charles Ives’s Concord, to appear in 2015, the centenary of the year Ives claimed the sonata was completed.



  1. says

    Been eagerly awaiting this one for a while. I don’t even care if it’s late for Christmas. It puts a feeling of abandon in the air…

    KG replies: For me, it’s a sure sign of thoughtfulness about who one might have been….

  2. Peter Katz says

    I had a friend who worked with him at Mills in the 70s; will look forward to reading the book. Also, very excited to learn you are writing a book about the Concord Sonata.

  3. Lois Svard says

    Having had a wonderful experience working with Bob on Van Cao’s Meditation, I am looking forward to reading your take on all of his other ground-breaking music. Don’t care when it arrives – I’ll just be happy to have it. No one could have written it but you, Kyle! Thanks so much!

  4. Brian Culver says

    Got my copy of your book delivered from Amazon today!
    (Any chance you could leak some bits and pieces of the Ives book before 2015?)

    KG replies: Great! Boy, I’m thinking about it, but I’m reluctant to scoop myself, and especially to let someone else get the info I’ve found in print before I do. I’m sure I’ll keep writing about it occasionally.