The silence of eternity…

Tomorrow afternoon will hear the world premiere of my chamber orchestra piece Serenity Meditation at the Bowling Green New Music Festival. Written in the summer of 2011, it’s based on Charles Ives’s song Serenity, which I’ve always wished was much longer. I’m grateful to John Luther Adams for curating it; he’s there now, and speaking this afternoon. I had hoped to go, but with Bill Duckworth dying, I’ve already missed more classes than I could afford this semester, and my course continuity is threatening to get out of control.


  1. Jim Dalton says

    Serenity is one of my favorite Ives songs. Maggi and I have performed it many times. You’re so right about the length but what a gem!

    We’d both love to hear your piece. I hope you’ll be posting a recording.

    KG replies: The moment I get one, thanks.

  2. says

    I’d love to know more about the piece, Kyle, particularly its scoring and duration, etc. Moving back to Brisbane in mid-December, I could have more access to performing mechanisms there and elsewhere. And, of course, SERENITY has always been a favourite Ives song of mine too. Keen to hear what you’ve done with it. I ran across a score of your CAMP MEETING version the other day too. Bests, vincentpppp

    KG replies: Nice to hear from you Vincent, it’s been too long. It’s 13 minutes long, for two flutes, two oboes, two clarinets, bass clarinet, two bassoons, solo horn, chimes, timpani, celesta, and strings.

  3. Joe K says

    Congratulations, Kyle! Looking forward to you post of the recording.

    By the way, you know what blew me away about Ives’s “Serenity?” (Apart from the piece itself?) I once played for a church service and had to consult their Methodist hymnal, and Serenity is IN THERE, and in Ives’s original version with no dumbing-down of the rhythmic quirks or anything.

    Makes me happy!