Well, He Was a TV Star There

Apparently “The Silence Does Not Exist” (as Google retranslates it) can now be read in Italian.

UPDATE: I do enjoy Google’s automatic translation of Amazon’s Italian synopsis:

In the world of contemporary music is a before and after “4’33” “of John Cage. This composition is not known, this silence” active “- not a pianist who plays for 4 minutes and 33 seconds – is one of the works art’s most famous, controversial and misunderstood of all time. Kyle Gann tells the imaginative life of John Cage and analyzes his masterpiece, illuminating the philosophical and musical influences: from Marcel Duchamp to the theory of Zen, by Erik Satie with white linens tli Robert Rauschenberg. the centenary of the composer’s birth and exactly sixty years after the first groundbreaking performance of “4’33” “, this essay explores the interpretations and the reactions that the hand has aroused Cage (a Dadaist experiment? a reflection on ‘Listening? a joke?), and the ways it has changed all the music that was written that night in 1952 to today.


  1. Alexander Rocha says

    Clearly, you must compose a piece entitled Erik Satie with white linens.

    KG replies: There *is* something charmingly apropos about it. I suspect the reference may have been to Rauschenberg’s paintings, though.