Back to the Basics

Last time a commenter called me a fascist, I wrote an Idiot’s Guide to PostClassic. Guess it’s time to remind people it’s there. Thugs from the Conventional Wisdom crowd do fall in here accidentally from time to time. I’d rather they just go here and leave us alone.


  1. says

    It seems to me that if you really were a fascist dictator, you would be too busy running an autocratic nationalist state to devote much time to music. As Orwell pointed out, the word “fascist” is now almost meaningless. I suggest replacing it with something else, maybe “nya-nya-nya.”

    KG replies: That would have been my thought. I know some people whose ideas I find reprehensible, but I tend not to call them fascist unless they’re department heads or chairs of prize committees who actually wield power and hurt people.