From the Morass of My Subconscious

I dreamed this morning that Morton Feldman was still alive, that he had made a string quartet arrangement of Ives’s Fourth Symphony that the Arditti had recorded, and that he was advertising to make a string quartet arrangement of any piece for an appropriate fee.



  1. Allan J. Cronin says

    Wow, Morty goes commercial in your dreams. Or was it a nightmare? But I would love to hear his 8 hour long arrangement of Sargent Pepper.

  2. says

    Did your sleeping brain play any of it? Will you notate a segment? I’m reminded of JIm Shaw, who has mounted some wonderful exhibits of art he saw in his dreams…

    KG replies: Yeah, I heard the beginning of the Arditti recording. The beginning was clear, but some of it was a pretty free translation after that. I sometimes dream music, and it evaporates when I try to recreate it. Sometimes I more helpfully solve a technical problem in a dream. Recently with The Unnameable I woke up humming an ending for it, put it in verbatim, and I think it’s the highlight of the piece.

  3. says

    I’ve been able to notate scraps, although I sometimes find my brain was remembering, not composing. I once dreamed I was singing “Gargantua!”, and wrote down the phrase when I awoke. Months later, I realized it was the last phrase of Ives’ “Grantchester”: sleep turned “In Grantchester” to “Gargantua.” Ives haunts our dreams!